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Communicating evidence-based solutions, from clean water to brain scans, can lead to healthier populations.
The first resistance to social change is to say it's not necessary.
~Gloria Steinem


New medical treatments. Prevention. Advances in longevity. But how to find and use the news that will help us live longer and raise our families to a healthier world?

The breakthroughs are quickening. New treatments contradict what we thought we knew. The pace of change has broad implications in public and individual health.

Communicating results. Through social marketing, WordsWork helps raise awareness that can lead to long-term changes in attitudes and behavior. With new health findings impacting public health and well being, we are able to design effective tools to communicate vital health messages. In print and video, via blogs and on Facebook and Twitter we work to communicate the latest advances in health science.

Health messages must cut through the clutter. We’ve learned that delivering simple health messages on TV and radio in the wee hours of the night does a disservice to the public, who relies on the media to deliver useful health information in the form they can use it: online, on air, on message and on time.
Social marketing practices encourage health marketers and researchers to pay attention to the concerns, needs and habits of affected audiences, and to create public health campaign based on those needs. By focusing on the end user, social marketers now conduct in-depth research and evaluation of how – and whether – their communications are having the desired impact. Social marketing relies on tools of research and evaluation to measure its success.

We are helping clients create awareness and action with measurable success:

  • The NIDA for Teens Web site and its Sara Bellum Blog teaches teens the neuroscience of addiction*.
  • Jhpiego partners with communities worldwide delivering sustainable solutions in global health.
  • Futures Group wrapped its five-year Policy Project to build international infrastructure for treating HIV/AIDS.
  • BreakAway Games Playing doctor: Learning about slips of the knife better on 'patients' than patients.
  • Washington Wellness Institute expanded a successful medical practice to include wellness and cosmetic services.

* Working with IQ Solutions

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Learning involves curiosity, wonder, play, personal and professional growth. WordsWork clients stand at the head of the class.

In labs, medical offices and classrooms, on the playground and in focus groups, experts are posing questions that may lead society down a healthier path. WordsWork to engage the public with the evidence.

Rapid advances in health, science and medicine are changing the face of society. WordsWork to make the technical transparent.