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Strategy: Create PR Buzz

Washington Wellness Institute Dr. Christopher Warner, OB/GYN, envisioned expanding a successful traditional obstetrics and gynecology practice in Washington, D.C., using new techniques in laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR), practiced for both medical and cosmetic indications.


How to position unique enhanced OB/GYN services, considering controversy within the medical establishment?


Developed branding strategy with clients to educate the public in the context of traditional ob/gyn services, and to position the practice more broadly:

  • Medical, health and wellness services geared to women including OB/GYN medical office with expanded services for cosmetic surgery, exercise and fitness, health and nutrition.
  • Rebranded practice as Washington Wellness Institute.


  • Produced a video with testimonials.
  • Placed major news coverage in news media outlets including The Washington Post, City Paper, national magazines.
  • Experienced significant increase in calls and Web inquiries about its service from as far away as Africa and the Middle East, as well as among prominent Washingtonians.
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