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Promise Neighborhoods Research Consortium (PNRC)

PNRC is comprised of a nationwide team of well-known prevention, developmental, and behavioral researchers, neuroscientists, policy experts, educators and health innovators, social marketing experts and community representatives working to develop infrastructure for under‐resourced neighborhoods to support and deliver needed programs and services to its citizens.

The goal of PNRC is to help rebuild troubled neighborhoods through identifying and implementing evidence-based practices in prevention and to promote research-based solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

Along with local experts in neuroscience, education, and communications, this group will bring added resources and expertise to a Baltimore community-based team to promote improvements in social and physical environments, family structure, school performance, and self esteem. This team of developmental and neuroscience experts will use brain awareness to influence decision‐making and nurture positive social development. A nurturing environment with adequate social support from the community, schools, and within families is essential to support brain health while negative influences such as child maltreatment, poverty, and lack of opportunities undermine its functioning. Public awareness about the adverse effects of witnessing violence, neglect, abuse, deprivation, and substance use on the brain and appropriate developmental interventions at an early age can have an important impact.

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