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Seeing old situations in new ways increases our ability to problem solve.

What Makes WordsWork for You?

We lead our clients using the latest research into neuroscience using the best-fitting traditional and social media tools.

New insights into neuroscience – the science of the brain – demonstrate how we perceive the world. What influences our beliefs, attitudes and behavior? What we see, hear, taste, touch – things that can be affirmed through the senses. But we know also that our brains process visual information, first, filled in by experience and social norms.

To change tightly held assumptions in our brains, we look for confirming evidence – tell ourselves stories substantiated by facts that we choose to support, or contradict, prevailing perceptions.

Drawing on this research, we have developed the 5-CARAT process, a client-directed approach to behavior change, depending on your objectives:

  • To solidify attitudes, affirm facts by supporting existing beliefs.
  • To change attitudes and behaviors by challenging beliefs.

To focus attention and guide change in audiences’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, brain science tells us to:

  • Research existing beliefs, attitudes and opinions.
  • Define emerging evidence.
  • Produce compelling images to illustrate new evidence, innovations.
  • Tell a compelling story that fits within – or challenges – audience worldview across media platforms.
  • Define healthy outcomes.

We know that the best outcomes for our clients result from strategies informed by neuroscience and refined through our 30+ years of experience communicating results.

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Learning involves curiosity, wonder, play, personal and professional growth. WordsWork clients stand at the head of the class.

In labs, medical offices and classrooms, on the playground and in focus groups, experts are posing questions that may lead society down a healthier path. WordsWork to engage the public with the evidence.

Rapid advances in health, science and medicine are changing the face of society. WordsWork to make the technical transparent.