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Advocacy – Who Says Video Games Can’t Be Healthy?

BreakAway Games saw a better way to apply videogame technology to innovate training delivery in health and medical education.


Can health educators, policy makers and the public be sold on development of PULSE!!, a virtual reality training tool to teach health workers to learn, practice and eventually apply medical protocols with simulation software in the face of a decline in traditional medical and nursing school faculty?


Enlist the support of key government policy makers and political leaders to promote the new industry and its positive economic and educational benefits to the public through media coverage, business-oriented outreach, video and direct-to-public demonstrations.


  • BreakAway invited Maryland’s Governor and key cabinet and news media to tour custom design, animation and development studio.
  • Demonstrated simulation design, development and application.
  • Subject matter experts involved in creating realistic patient intake and treatment protocols to life highlighted how virtual reality tools could improve training for nursing, medical and dental students.
  • Tour stressed policy initiatives that would promote job growth and emerging training opportunities for game designers.
  • Video and news articles enabled BreakAway to increase outreach to medical and other professional schools.
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